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Booth Construction

We can undertake the entire implementation of custom-made turnkey stand or system shell booth..

Whether a booth is small or large in size or even largely complex, we bring our experience, resources and passion to the challenge.

We undertake the construction of your custom-made or standard system booth. We are open to fulfil your requirements with our services of carpenter and locksmith workshops, graphical, printing and sewing studios.

We deal with project management, and provide a turnkey stand of your need on-site.


Custom-made booth:

It is customized – planned and constructed in compliance with the demand of customer, with individual production, furnishing and complementary services. 2 types: Single-storey and two- storey stands.

Standard – system booth:

It is made of Octanorm/SYMA/Maxima/SODEM installation and system panels (2,5m high). It includes a fascia, a storage, a counter, a display case or shelves, table + chairs and electrical works.